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Full-time female GP at Myhealth Foxwell Road, Coomera

Medical Educator | PhD | Planetary Health | Leadership |
Co-author GP exam handbook | FRACGP Future Leaders Program 2018



Dr Tammra Warby

I work in General Practice on the Gold Coast and have worked in the rural setting. What I love is the diversity of roles you can fill within any speciality of medicine, which can involve seeing patients, doing procedures, teaching and supervision of juniors. It is also a career of life-long learning. There is a great challenge in the skilful use of clinical reasoning to solve problems, as well as the privilege of supporting
people to stay healthy in their lives.

Medical Philosophy of Dr Warby

Medical Philosophy

One of greatest investments you can make in life is into your health.
Trust and communication are of highest importance between Doctor and Patient.

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Dr Warby is highly regarded in the medical world.
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  • Family Medicine

    Dr Warby’s vision revolves around supporting the optimal health and wellbeing of patients and the families she serves. Dr Warby provides continuing and comprehensive health care for all age groups in a friendly and warm family environment in which quality healthcare is delivered in a stress-free venue.

  • Women’s Health

    Some women prefer to be treated by a female doctor not just for general health but for female specific conditions and diseases. Women’s health addresses these issues faced by women and promotes both physical and emotional well-being.

  • Child and Adolescent health

    Child and adolescent health and wellbeing is best addressed by early discovery and intervention of problems confronting young people that may affect them in later life. Dr Warby offers a patient-centred and family-focussed approach for youth issues. In particular, she helps families navigate through systems they may encounter when managing behavioural (such as ADHD) and neurodevelopmental disorders such Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Chronic Disease Management

    A GP Management plan is an organised Chronic Disease management plan that identifies your healthcare requirements to help manage your condition. This may involve a multi-disciplinary care team that provides ongoing treatments and services for chronic conditions and reduces their ongoing cost.

  • Skin Clinic

    Dr Warby runs a Skin Check clinic at Myhealth Foxwell Road, and has a Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery. She also treats patients with skin related cases such as eczema. The skin is the largest organ in the body and ongoing care is needed to ensure the skin is functioning properly.

  • Workcover

    Workcover is an insurance for employees injured in a work-related accident and is designed to help with wage replacement and medical benefits including rehabilitation and return to work support. Dr Warby sees Workcover injuries, including as emergencies – please contact Myhealth Foxwell Road on (07) 5657 1906.

  • Asthma Management

    As symptoms and severity of asthma can change suddenly, an effective Asthma management plan to track symptoms and measure lung capacity should be reviewed on a regular basis to avoid long term problems. Dr Warby can help you with your management plan and to control your symptoms.

  • Diabetes Management

    It is essential to have a Diabetes management plan to treat and control the disease to prevent complications. Dr Warby can help you with a team-based plan involving lifestyle interventions, medications as needed and Allied health support, in order to keep your diabetes under the best control possible.

  • Mental Health

    Mental health is a broad subject but is basically “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community” WHO( If you are affected by depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue, please discuss this with Dr Warby.

  • Preventative Medicine

    Preventative Medicine can help you avoid many illnesses and conditions thereby supporting your goal of excellent ongoing health. Dr Warby is a strong advocate of preventative medicine and can offer you a proactive approach to staying healthy while supporting you to practise your own prevention. If you already have a condition, preventative medicine may also help you avert complications.

  • Travel Medicine

    Depending on which country you intend visiting you may require a specific travel medicine and / or vaccination prior to departure. Always check with Dr Warby which vaccinations are advised for which countries that you intend visiting at least 3 months in advance. Dr Warby will also discuss any travel medicine you may need on your journey, especially if you have an existing medicinal requirement that may be hard to obtain overseas. Travel medicine requires special appointment, and sometimes multiple appointments, please book via Myhealth Foxwell Road on (07) 5657 1906.

  • Vaccinations

    Vaccinations for immunisation against preventable diseases is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting yourself while helping reduce the spread of these preventable diseases. Dr Warby and team can discuss and advise you on the vaccinations you may need depending on age, general health and circumstances.

Welcome to Exceptional Wellbeing.

Dr Warby is a female doctor at Myhealth Foxwell Road in Coomera. Her mission is to provide high quality and comprehensive medical services and treatments to all cultures and age groups, enabling them to live a long and healthy life.

Dr Warby has a unique skill set developed from her time in emergency medicine and general practice as well as medical research and publishing and believes in a system of trust and communication between doctor and patient.

Dr Warby was a speaker and workshop presenter at the most recent RACGP General Practice conference GP19. She participates in her continuing education to keep up to date with the latest medical information, treatments and therapies to better assist patients including those with specific health care needs, such as Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Skin Checks, Immunisations, Diabetes Management, Asthma Management, Preventative Health, Chronic Disease Management, Anxiety and Depression.

Dr Warby currently consults with patients, many from referrals, in smoke free consulting rooms at Myhealth Foxwell Road conveniently located at 334 Myhealth Foxwell Road, Coomera Qld 4209 and close to the Coomera East shopping Centre. There’s plenty of accessible parking.

Consultation with Dr Warby is by appointment. Appointments with Dr Warby can be made by phoning Myhealth Foxwell Road on (07) 5657 1906 or via HOTDOC. A separate appointment must be made for each family member.

Dr Warby and her team constantly manage appointments to best match demand and supply, including via on-the-day appointments. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time with Dr Warby.

Myhealth Foxwell Road is a mixed billing practice, meaning all medicare card holders may incur a fee above the medicare rebate amount. Bulk billing is available for children less than 16 years old, current pensioners and health care card holders.