The World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA) (via their WONCA Working group on the Environment)  and the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA, Harvard University) have issued a call for clinicians across the globe to act on urgent planetary health challenges, including climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss which threaten the health of their patients.

This call to action is encapsulated in the “Declaration Calling for Family Doctors of the World to Act on Planetary Health,” a project co-led by Dr Tammra Warby and Erika Veidis (Member Engagement and Outreach Manager, PHA).

This declaration is designed to mobilise front-line health professionals on these issues by involving 118 WONCA  Member Organisations in 131 countries and territories representing about 500,000 family doctors, with the aim of reaching out to the wider health professional community worldwide.

Subsequent WONCA-PHA collaboration  will include developing clinician- and patient-facing materials about planetary health and strategies for action, facilitating local community activities, advancing healthcare sustainability, and engaging with policymakers and other key stakeholders around these pressing global challenges, through their extensive networks.

The declaration is set to be launched March 1st 2019
Updated March 4 : the declaration is now available at